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Ortronics C2G
C2G 4K HDMI Selector Switch - UltraHD HDMI Switch - 5x1 - 5 x Inputs - 1 x Outputs - 5 x HDMI In - 1 x HDMI Out - Computer, Blu-ray Disc Player, Gaming Console, Cable Box, A/V Receiver Compatible

The 5-Port HDMI Switch - 4K 60Hz is a 5-input 1-output switch supporting up to 4K (3840 x 2160 at 60hz, 4:4:4) video, ideal for applications utilizing the HDMI 2.0 standard. A perfect solution for connecting and switching between computers, Blu-ray™ players, gaming consoles, digital cable or satellite boxes, and A/V receivers.

This product offers control and flexibility via a ...

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Ortronics C2G
C2G High Isolation AB Switch - CATV Receiver, Satellite Receiver, Video Game Console Compatible

It is designed to switch between Cable TV, Satellite, Video Games and other home video products with coax cable, ?RF? connections. Isolation is in excess of 90dB eliminating interference from external devices and crosstalk between connected devices. Very easy to install with included hardware.

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Ortronics C2G
C2G 28731 3 Play Audio/Video Selector - Video Game Console, DVD Player, A/V Receiver, DVR, Home Theater Compatible - 3 x S-Video In, 3 x Toslink S/PDIF In, 6 x RCA Stereo Audio Line In, 3 x RCA Composite Video In, S-Video Out, Toslink S/PDIF Out, RCA Stereo Audio Line Out, RCA Composite Video

The 3-Play S-Video Selector from Impact Acoustics allows you to connect any combination. This is the perfect solution for the A/V enthusiast who wants to take full control of their ever-expanding system. Use the wireless remote control or the front panel switches to easily select sources.