Every MiiNePort comes network-ready and includes a combination of innovative technologies/tools, such as NetEZ™ and SDK, to help you successfully navigate through testing, hardware/software development, and the manufacturing stages of deploying a network-enabled device. The MiiNePort is not only an embedded networking solution that brings Ethernet/wireless connectivity to serial devices, it also improves device functionalities and enhances overall device value.

Moxa’s MiiNePort is based on the long-term knowledge to provide flexible solutions for you to choose.
Software Development Kit
MiiNePort W1
Wireless LAN embedded serial device server
IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant
Fast roaming to enhance connection reliability
Starter kit available
MiiNePort E2-SDK
Eclipse-based integrated software development tool
Source level debugger
Various serial-to-Ethernet sample codes
MiiNePort E2-SDK
MiiNePort E2
Thumb-sized embedded
serial-to-Ethernet device servers
MiiNePort E3
PoE pass-through embedded
serial-to-Ethernet device servers
Smallest embedded device module
Extremely low power consumption
Starter kit available
Software development kit available
IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE pass-through
Many application-specific operation modes available
Starter kit available
MiiNePort_E2 MiiNePort E3
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