Every MiiNePort comes network-ready and includes a combination of innovative technologies/tools, such as NetEZ™ and SDK, to help you successfully navigate through testing, hardware/software development, and the manufacturing stages of deploying a network-enabled device. The MiiNePort is not only an embedded networking solution that brings Ethernet/wireless connectivity to serial devices, it also improves device functionalities and enhances overall device value.

The exclusive NetEZ technology enables manufacturers to optimize development and production
process for accelerating product time-to-market.
Allows the MiiNePort to accept system power inputs of 3.5 to 5 VDC, this technology can reduce the time and cost required to redesign the hardware interface.
Provides Java Applet to create a custom web-based console for user-friendly remote device configuration and maintenance via Ethernet connection.
  Integrated Development Environment
Offers an Eclipse-based development platform with step-by-step wizard assistance to easily develop tailored serial-to-Ethernet firmware for standard MiiNePort modules.
Auto CFG
  Auto Configuration
Enables auto-configuration with mass configuration software to place default settings on multiple modules simultaneously, this technology not only accelerates time-to-market but also prevents manual error.