MiiNePort Embedded Serial Device Servers
We live in an Internet-accessible world. To take advantage of the growing demand of network-enabled devices, manufacturers will have to integrate network interfaces onto their existing line of serial devices. To minimize the development effort required to enable Ethernet capabilities for serial-based devices, embedded networking modules are a versatile and cost-efficient option. However, before manufactures can identify the best-fit embedded serial-to-Ethernet or serial-to-WiFi solutions for their application, they must first consider the limitations of their resources and many other critical factors throughout the research, development, and production phases of integration, as well as to increase market competitiveness with exclusive features to add product value.

Adoption Process for Embedded Networking Solutions

Evaluate Hardware and Software Options
Critical Factors
Network interface type (wired/wireless/RJ45/fiber/PoE)
Dimensions of embedded components
Power input requirements
Network management functions
Data transfer protocols
Moxa’s Advantages
Moxa has offered reliable and innovative serial connectivity solutions for more than 20 years. The MiiNePort is based on decades of industry experience to provide versatile embedded networking solutions with interface flexibility and advanced software/hardware capabilities. Moxa provides long-term commitments to customers with second-to-none product support and availability.
Development and Production:
Maximize Integration and Efficiency
Critical Factors
Integrated end-to-end services covering entire life cycle
Easy integration to existing devices
Intelligent features for quick installation
Mass production cost
Production lead time
Moxa’s Advantages
The MiiNePort is designed with innovative NetEZ technology to help you navigate through the entire development process, such as variable power input (3.3 to 5 VDC), a development platform to build customized firmware, and a feature to configure default settings on multiple modules simultaneously. These features accelerate time to market of your Ethernet-enabled serial devices and reduce production lead time.
Operation and Maintenance:
Increase Value-added Networking Services
Critical Factors
Enhance product quality/value
Easy maintenance and troubleshooting
High MTBF with extended warranty
Exclusive network consulting services
Moxa’s Advantages
The MiiNePort is not only an embedded networking solution, but also improves device functionalities to enable intelligent serial devices. MiiNePort allows direct command input through the device interface and also provides dual channels for multi-task applications. All products are guaranteed with a solid 5-year warranty and high MTBF to provide extended reliability. In addition, Moxa offers prompt regional sales service, just-in-time delivery, and timely technical support consultations.