Machine Vision System contains lots of critical components that make the solution reliable and durable. Neutron carries extensive industrial grade products to not only achieve your application goals but also prmoise the longevity and sustainability of the solution.

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Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588)

Precise time information is especially important for industrial automation. With the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) described in IEEE1588, it is possible to synchronize several cameras with an accuracy of less than 1 μs via Ethernet networks. IEEE1588 PTP technolgoy allows a single Ethernet cable to deliver both synchronization and image data.

Multi-Camera Support

Wide Selection of Frame Grabbers

  • Full camera interface support, including analog, GigE Vision, IEE 1394b, Camera Link, HDMI and 3G-SDI
  • Compatible with most popular cameras and software
  • Carefully selected embedded components ensure long term availability

Data Acquisition Add-ons

  • Condition-based Active I/O Messaging
  • High Speed Ethernet I/O
  • Celluar RTU Controller
  • Peer to Peer Comunication
  • Control and Monitor I/O status via The SNMP protocol